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Extract PDF file from DICOM encapsulated PDF.


async itkwasm_dicom.read_dicom_encapsulated_pdf_async.read_dicom_encapsulated_pdf_async(dicom_file: os.PathLike, read_file_only: bool = False, read_dataset: bool = False, read_xfer_auto: bool = False, read_xfer_detect: bool = False, read_xfer_little: bool = False, read_xfer_big: bool = False, read_xfer_implicit: bool = False, accept_odd_length: bool = False, assume_even_length: bool = False, enable_cp246: bool = False, disable_cp246: bool = False, retain_un: bool = False, convert_un: bool = False, enable_correction: bool = False, disable_correction: bool = False) bytesΒΆ

Extract PDF file from DICOM encapsulated PDF.

  • dicom_file (os.PathLike) – Input DICOM file

  • read_file_only (bool) – read file format only

  • read_dataset (bool) – read data set without file meta information

  • read_xfer_auto (bool) – use TS recognition (default)

  • read_xfer_detect (bool) – ignore TS specified in the file meta header

  • read_xfer_little (bool) – read with explicit VR little endian TS

  • read_xfer_big (bool) – read with explicit VR big endian TS

  • read_xfer_implicit (bool) – read with implicit VR little endian TS

  • accept_odd_length (bool) – accept odd length attributes (default)

  • assume_even_length (bool) – assume real length is one byte larger

  • enable_cp246 (bool) – read undefined len UN as implicit VR (default)

  • disable_cp246 (bool) – read undefined len UN as explicit VR

  • retain_un (bool) – retain elements as UN (default)

  • convert_un (bool) – convert to real VR if known

  • enable_correction (bool) – enable automatic data correction (default)

  • disable_correction (bool) – disable automatic data correction


Output pdf file

Return type: