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Render DICOM SR file and data set to HTML/XHTML


itkwasm_dicom.structured_report_to_html.structured_report_to_html(dicom_file: os.PathLike, read_file_only: bool = False, read_dataset: bool = False, read_xfer_auto: bool = False, read_xfer_detect: bool = False, read_xfer_little: bool = False, read_xfer_big: bool = False, read_xfer_implicit: bool = False, processing_details: bool = False, unknown_relationship: bool = False, invalid_item_value: bool = False, ignore_constraints: bool = False, ignore_item_errors: bool = False, skip_invalid_items: bool = False, disable_vr_checker: bool = False, charset_require: bool = False, charset_assume: str = '', charset_check_all: bool = False, convert_to_utf8: bool = False, url_prefix: str = '', html_32: bool = False, html_40: bool = False, xhtml_11: bool = False, add_document_type: bool = False, css_reference: Optional[str] = None, css_file: Optional[os.PathLike] = None, expand_inline: bool = False, never_expand_inline: bool = False, always_expand_inline: bool = False, render_full_data: bool = False, section_title_inline: bool = False, document_type_title: bool = False, patient_info_title: bool = False, no_document_header: bool = False, render_inline_codes: bool = False, concept_name_codes: bool = False, numeric_unit_codes: bool = False, code_value_unit: bool = False, code_meaning_unit: bool = False, render_all_codes: bool = False, code_details_tooltip: bool = False) strΒΆ

Render DICOM SR file and data set to HTML/XHTML

  • dicom_file (os.PathLike) – Input DICOM file

  • read_file_only (bool) – read file format only

  • read_dataset (bool) – read data set without file meta information

  • read_xfer_auto (bool) – use TS recognition (default)

  • read_xfer_detect (bool) – ignore TS specified in the file meta header

  • read_xfer_little (bool) – read with explicit VR little endian TS

  • read_xfer_big (bool) – read with explicit VR big endian TS

  • read_xfer_implicit (bool) – read with implicit VR little endian TS

  • processing_details (bool) – show currently processed content item

  • unknown_relationship (bool) – accept unknown/missing relationship type

  • invalid_item_value (bool) – accept invalid content item value (e.g. violation of VR or VM definition)

  • ignore_constraints (bool) – ignore relationship content constraints

  • ignore_item_errors (bool) – do not abort on content item errors, just warn (e.g. missing value type specific attributes)

  • skip_invalid_items (bool) – skip invalid content items (incl. sub-tree)

  • disable_vr_checker (bool) – disable check for VR-conformant string values

  • charset_require (bool) – require declaration of ext. charset (default)

  • charset_assume (str) – [c]harset: string, assume charset c if no extended charset declared

  • charset_check_all (bool) – check all data elements with string values (default: only PN, LO, LT, SH, ST, UC and UT)

  • convert_to_utf8 (bool) – convert all element values that are affected by Specific Character Set (0008,0005) to UTF-8

  • url_prefix (str) – URL: string. Append specificed URL prefix to hyperlinks of referenced composite objects in the document.

  • html_32 (bool) – use only HTML version 3.2 compatible features

  • html_40 (bool) – allow all HTML version 4.01 features (default)

  • xhtml_11 (bool) – comply with XHTML version 1.1 specification

  • add_document_type (bool) – add reference to SGML document type definition

  • css_reference (str) – URL: string. Add reference to specified CSS to document

  • css_file (os.PathLike) – [f]ilename: string. Embed content of specified CSS into document

  • expand_inline (bool) – expand short content items inline (default)

  • never_expand_inline (bool) – never expand content items inline

  • always_expand_inline (bool) – always expand content items inline

  • render_full_data (bool) – render full data of content items

  • section_title_inline (bool) – render section titles inline, not separately

  • document_type_title (bool) – use document type as document title (default)

  • patient_info_title (bool) – use patient information as document title

  • no_document_header (bool) – do not render general document information

  • render_inline_codes (bool) – render codes in continuous text blocks

  • concept_name_codes (bool) – render code of concept names

  • numeric_unit_codes (bool) – render code of numeric measurement units

  • code_value_unit (bool) – use code value as measurement unit (default)

  • code_meaning_unit (bool) – use code meaning as measurement unit

  • render_all_codes (bool) – render all codes (implies +Ci, +Cn and +Cu)

  • code_details_tooltip (bool) – render code details as a tooltip (implies +Cc)


Output text file

Return type: